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it here in america. [applause] these -- >> these are the kinds of words that inspired his voters. celebrations went on through the night. obama's supporters could not contain their joy. what made the difference was that obama won in the most populous states and managed to secure a greater margin than expected in the swing states. the the final tallies are not yet in, the world has already congratulated him on his victory, but it was a bitter disappointment for the republicans. they have to wait four more years for their next shot at the white house. mitt romney took some time to take in the results, but he was gallant in defeat. >> this is a time of great challenges for america, and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> obama supporters chanted and danced with joy, pinning their hopes and dreams on four more years of the president. it is now up to him not to disappoint them. >> our washington bureau chief joins us now. obama stays in the white house. republicans retain the house of representatives. democrats maintain their majority in the senate.
in north america. a new design based on mazda's demio model will be used for this new car. toyota will pay for part of the necessary production equipment and also shoulder some development costs. with the agreement, toyota aims to strengthen its lum in north america. mazda on its part is hoping to ramp up production efficiency at the new plant and improve its profitability. the two firms had earlier joined hands to produce a hybrid car in japan. >>> japanese steelmakers have reported sharp profit declines in their first half of their business year. that's due to flagging overseas demand and increasing competition from china and south korea. three steel companies said that although they managed to stay in the black between april and september, their pretax profits plunged between 73% and 92% from a year earlier. they are nippon steel corporation, sumitomo metal industries and jfe holdings. nippon steel and sumitomo metal merged in october. another maker, kobe steel, swung into the red. corporate executives say demand for steel remains weak in the midst of the global economic slowdown. they
by michelangelo just 20 years after the discovery of america. >> catholics around the world are celebrating all saints' day on november 1. according to tradition, people go back to their hometowns and visit the graves of deceased relatives and friends. the declaration of the graves reflects hope that the debt are in the presence of god. and in mexico, the celebration is somewhat different. on the day of the dead, families build colorful altars to remember their dead loved ones. >> all right. we will be back in one minute with more news. >> that's right. stick around. >> welcome back, everyone. we want to go now to our series of reports from battleground states as the u.s. presidential election campaign into the final stretch. today, we visit colorado. >> gun control has been a hot topic, especially after a gunman killed a dozen people in a colorado movie theater early this year, but measures for more gun control often fail with citizens and politicians alike psyching the second amendment of the u.s. constitution, which gives the right to bear arms. >> opinions vary from state to state, but ther
for this fiscal year will be bigger than it has expected. that's because of strong sales in north america and southeast asian countries as well as cost-cutting efforts. the automaker estimates that profit for the business year ending next march will total $13 billion. that's up 5% in yen terms from its previous projection. but sales are seen falling 3% from an initial prediction of $265 billion. toyota says sales in china will remain weak due to tensions over bilateral territorial dispute. the company also says profit for the first half came to about $8.6 billion, swinging back from a year-earlier loss. first-half sales stood at $136 billion, surging 36% from the same period last year. toyota officials say sales in japan were strong due to government subsidies for ecocar buyers. >>> mazda has been badly hit by the recent tension between japan and china. japanese automaker's new car sales in china nearly halved in october from the same month last year. mazda said it sold 9,511 units, down 44.9% from a year ago. that was even worse than september sales, which recorded a year-on-year decline
in china by increased -- or looking at increased demand in north america as well. so taking some positives there. in other regions despite the slump in sales in china. we're going to keep track of toyota today. shares up 2.2% yesterday in toyota. also it was upped by a european broker from neutral. a lot of news on the biggest auto maker. >> and we're seeing renewed concerns about greece also. how's that effecting currencies? >> a lot of focus on currency markets there. we've seen the euro drop against the dollar and it's weakened a bit against the yen. having a look at the screens. 102.59-64. there are thoughts greece could not push through the austerity package vote. looking at the dollar/yen, the dollar is standing firm against the yen. as we can see there 80.14-22. earnings continuing here in japan. we're going to have nissan out with earningings after the bell today. the car maker says that sales in china plunged more than 40% last month. so the focus really willing on how the soured japan/china relations will have effected its earnings. so big focus there on nissan. and the auto sect
>> hi, everyone. welcome to the "journal" coming to you live on dw in berlin. coming up, america decides weather barack obama gets a second term or weather his republican challenger mitt romney will move into the white house. >> a 48-hour and that-is there a strike cripple's greece and brings hundreds of thousands on to the streets. >> in champions league soccer action, dorfman wins -- dortmund beats real madrid. voting is now under way across the u.s. as americans decide who will lead the country for the next four years. after vigorous campaigning right to the last minute and aggressive advertising that made it the most expensive campaign of all time, president barack obama and his challenger mitt romney both into the election day confident of victory. >> but most election polls say the race for the white house is too close to call, meaning the result will be decided in a small number of so-called swing states by florida, ohio, virginia, and new hampshire, which was the first to vote on the stroke of midnight. >> voting began early in this part of new hampshire. the first ballot
president. it was to set america's direction between big and small government. more for the poor or tax cuts for the rich. despite the sluggish economy obama prevailed. his main supporters were young voters. african-americans. and hispanic people. more than 90% of graph voters supported obama. in contrast, households of $50,000 or more voted romney. nearly 60% of white voters supported the republican. the election clearly showed america's growing wealth and social gap. top of obama's to do list will be overcoming this division. he'll have to focus on the economy. it's what created the divide. another challenge will be the republican-controlled house. obama will struggle to pass his agenda and move things forward in congress. with these internal problems it's unclear how deeply the u.s. will engage on global issues such as syria, iran or china. u.s. relations with the outside world there are more difficult challenges to come. nhk world, washington. >>> president obama won, but he faces many economic challenges. we now ask an expert's view about his outlook. in our new york studio is richard k
. america currently relies on imports for 20% of energy needs. once the u.s. achieves successful sufficiency in energy, it may start showing less interest in oil producing regions including the middle east. >>> let's check on the markets. the u.s. markets changed little overnight. trading volume was low as other markets as long as the u.s. bonds market was closed for veterans day. and to see how stocks in japan are doing, we go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. how are things kicking off over there? >> good morning to you. yes, indeed. still a bit of hesitation in the markets there with the u.s. fiscal cliff and also the concerns whether greece will get another bailout from the eurozone community as well. some is weighing on the markets here. finance in the eurozone wrapped up one of their meetings. there's another one planned for next week. we'll keep an eye on that. let's have a look at the opening levels today. and both indexes trading in the positive there. key psychological level which we closed below yesterday. looking a bit positive in the first minutes of trading. nikke
? >>> there are some rough spots out here actually across the americas that we're continuing to watch. first the dakotas, a storm system's moving through. you could see snow, up to send e ten centimeters of the white stuff coming down. with the system, we have it cold front stretching across the ohio into the mississippi river valley. that will bring rain showers. thunderstorm activity going through your thursday. the rest of the americas looks dry. on friday, though, we are watching a storm system move into the pacific northwest. already affecting british columbia here with gusty winds. even heavy rains. that's expected to track to the east. sunny toward the southwest, along the east coast. if you plan on enjoying your thursday and getting out there for autumn weather, it looks like it's going to be decent. let's talk about the temperatures because this cold front across the central plains is going to be dropping things drastically. minneapolis, 13 here on your thursday. going down to minus three on your friday. same toward memphis. nine degrees on your saturday. actually, single digits acr
have difficulties in meeting the payments on other bonds. latin america's third biggest economy could be headed for another debt crisis. >> they certainly have the power to send the financial markets into a tailspin. we are, of course, talking about the ratings agencies. >> after years of dithering and delays, brussels has agreed to a set of controls designed to limit their influence, but critics call it a miniature reform that misses the mark. >> weather it is greece, spain, portugal, or italy, eurozone crisis countries have had credit ratings consistently downgraded by the major ratings agencies. a lower credit rating usually means countries have to pay higher interest on any loans they take out. they can also cause turbulence in financial markets. the european union has introduced new rules to limit their effect. other agencies will have to publish their ratings outside of stock exchange opening hours. i also have to disclose the criteria by which they make decisions, and the rules should make it easier for agencies to be sued if they have made errors when reading a country's credi
not be internationalized. now, obama's trip to asia is a sign that america's so-called pivot to asia strategy remains unchanged after his re-election. his visit to myanmar was criticized by some observers. they say it was premature. obama went ahead anyway, a signal of his desire to increase u.s. influence in southeast asia and keep china's ambitions in check. nhk world's matthew field reports. >> reporter: obama's visit to myanmar was the first to the country by a sitting u.s. president. people waving american flags lined the streets of yangon to welcome him. the trip was full of symbolism. obama met opposition party leader aung san suu kyi at the home where she spent years under house arrest a. obama praised aung san suu kyi's achievements and her efforts toward democracy. he promised that the u.s. would continue to support myanmar. and he gave a lecture at yangon university, a former stronghold of pro-democracy activists. he used the occasion to pressure the government to continue on the path of reform. >> and we recognize no two nations achieve these rights in exactly the same way, but there is n
-ed in yesterday's new york times. and it was "how resilient is post-9/11 america?" the piece made the point, which i think is critical for us to remember that the best weapon against terror is refusing to be terrorized. oklahoma city is a terrific example. since the bombing in 1995, the deadliest attack in the u.s. before 9/11, the city has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild everything from a performing arts center and a library to a baseball park and public schools. that's the kind of message the united states should be sending to anyone, whether halfway around the world or here at home, who may be fantasizing about committing an act of terror on american soil. that message goes like this: if you attack us, you will make us stronger. we will come together, rise with resilience, and emerge more prepared and resolved. unfortunately, in this election season, few voters are thinking about our role in the world or our role on these matters. in fact, in the spring reuters asked registered voters what issues were most important to them in the presidential election campaign. guess how many
tied -- . this is much too close to call, as you know, in america, it is not the popular vote who decides to become president. it is the boats out of the state, call in the electoral college. whoever wins the state, they get all the electoral college votes from that state. for example, florida is a huge stage. ohio is pretty decent, too. >> speaking of battleground states, we know the candidates are crisscrossing the country, heading out to those battleground states, including virginia, where you are. >> right. in virginia, too close to call. it is a traditionally southern state, but a lot of people are moving to northern virginia, which is close to washington. it is hard to say here. ohio is the big prize because everybody says whoever wins ohio, the nation goes. obama has been ahead by slight margins but consistently. no republican has ever won the presidency without ohio. >> you are at a republican rally in virginia. how has the mood been? >> the mood with the republican of voters -- the romney people, it has been very good. they are fired up. a lot of people say they are more
and the responsibility of the president to use america's greatest power to shape history. >> reporter: both candidates have talked about relations with china but often in economic terms. neither has explained enough how he would deal with beijing diplomatically. china is now the world's second largest economy. it's also strengthening its military power and it's growing more assertive in territorial disputes. professor zhao quansheng is an expert on asian policy at american university in washington, d.c. he says both obama and romney would, if elected, continue the u.s. policy of engagement in the region. >> asia-pacific is a natural choice for the priority of u.s. foreign policy given the very size of economy, and this is the most dynamic region in the world. think about -- i mean, u.s., china, japan. number one, number two, number three economies, all in asia pacific. >> reporter: zhao says the potential for conflict in the region remains but that the flash points have shifted. >> before there were two historically so-called hot spots may bring the two powers to war, one, korea peninsula, and the oth
towards the americas. here in the northeast, a nor'easter now rushing off into the new england states and eventually off there to canada, bringing some fair weather behind it. actually, this morning if you're waking up in new york, you're seeing some better skies and sunny skies possibly, but there's a mess on the ground. all that wet snow sticking to the surfaces, that's going to be creating some very dangerous driving conditions out here with that wet, sticky snowmaking those roads rather slippery. definitely over oh the next several days driving across new england and new york and eastern pennsylvania, it's going to be a slow go, so slow down out there as that high pressure continues to move in. then we're looking at this low across ed idaho and northern montana, even southern portions of montana. look at the snowfall forecast, actually, up to 45 centimeters of snow is expected here and those dark areas in blue, even over towards california as that moisture runs onshore. it's going to be bringing some very deep snow pack. so for the skier, you're happy, but for everybody else, it's
and south america. that is now changing. the import tariff is to be reduced by 300 per ton over the next five years likely to mean lower prices for consumers. >> 11,000 syrians have fled their country in just the past 24 hours. >> the united nations says it is one of the largest exodus is seen in the recent times and it is adding pressure on the opposition. >> united states and qatar are coming together to bring a body that could serve as a government if assaad falls. >> syrian opposition politicians refused to comment on the conflict or the reported fractures between groups. the u.s. and watar are pushing them to unite. it is seen as key as and sharing for the support from the international community. the syrian national council is reluctant to cede influence. in the past, they have put themselves forward as a mouthpiece for the whole opposition. it is seen as increasingly out of touch with the rebels on the ground within syria. the uprising is being fought by a vastly different religious groups, muslims, liberals, kurds, etc. it reflects the syrian society. one-third of the council mem
on in across the americas. now, there's a low-pressure system pushing in across the west. this one is going to be bringing mountain snow, maybe up to about 30 centimeters in the upper elevations and about 10 down in the valleys. as for you in coastal locations, you'll be seeing rain. high pressure ahead of that until we run into this low and frontal system. now, it could be spreading a mix of rain and snow into quebec, maybe some freezing rain, as well, and along the front it's going to be rain showers down towards the gulf of mexico here. however, as that cooler air comes in, parts of pennsylvania as well as new york state, you could be seeing some light snow showers. after the system passes, however, high pressure will be moving in. temperatures should return to normal by midweek and should be staying nice and dry. plenty of sunshine for you through towards the weekend. before that happens, though, we have some pretty chilly temperatures, 2 degrees in chicago, 7 in denver, minus 5 in winnipeg, 8 in new york city, and 16 in toronto. that will be coming down as the system passes. but as i s
, absolutely frigid, up in ulan bator. heading on into the americas, things are looking very clear for much of the u.s. up into canada as well as down through mexico. there is a small low sitting to the west. this one is weakening off at the moment, so you'll see showers at the coast and snow showers starting to clear up. out east, as well, we have another system that's pushing out over the atlantic. so a much drier day for you on wednesday, certainly, but it is going to be quite cold behind that cold front, so temperatures about five degrees below your average and also warnings for freezing fog around oklahoma, texas, and the lower mississippi valley. let's take a look at those figures then for your tuesday. you'll be noticing quite a drop in some areas like chicago, 4 degrees, on the toe, down to 9 degrees in new york city 1shgs 1 into d.c. all right. into europe, things are going to be clearing up across much of the continent, but there is going to be consistently heavy rain across the british isles, scotland, particularly, northern ireland, ireland, and up into norway. that will head on
and imf clash over how long greece should be given to reduce its debts. >> america's commander in afghanistan under investigation after new revelations in the cia sex scandal. >> in cairo, eu foreign ministers and members of the arab league discuss the syrian crisis. the lenders in charge of patching up the eurozone have gone head to head in a very public disagreement on the best way to deal with grease. >> at a meeting in brussels, the head of the imf and -- the heads of the imf and eurozone clashed over when greece should reduce its debt. >> but they did at least agree on a few things -- above all the grece could have at least two years to cut deficit. >> it is a question of how much progress greece can realistically be expected to make in a particular amount of time. >> greece's international lenders were playing down their differences the morning after the clash over athens' debts. the imf wants greece to achieve its lower ratio by 2020 while the eu foreign ministers want to allow the country two more years. >> there's no disagreement between the imf and the euro group, but
into the americas, it's going to be very quiet, in fact, for your tuesday. so good news, after an eventful couple of weeks, especially up in the northeast. what we have now is high pressure dominating the continent. there will be some showers, and they will be heavy at times along with thunder and lightning from florida up to the carolinas. elsewhere, though, really looking very settled, indeed. it will be cooler, though, that cold front has just passed and has left behind some much cooler air. so temperatures on tuesday, nine degrees in new york city, 5 in toronto. with 8 in chicago, and just 10 in d.c. but even these temperatures are going to be rebounding into the weekend. and it will stay dry, as well. so a nice, quiet week warming up as we head into saturday and sunday. all right. into europe, we've been watching this low pressure system over algeria bringing some heavy rain, thunderstorms here. well, it's on the move today, and it's been heading into the mid mediterranean. it's just going to be hanging out for a couple of days. southern italy as well as the southern balkans you're going to
resistance. >> on to other news. a week after america elected barack obama for another four years, china is going through its own political transition, and it certainly could not be more different. >> instead of a messy, unpredictable election campaign, this one is a carefully planned handover from one generation to the next, and it does seem to be going to plan. >> today, the new leader of the election committee will be appointed, and from there, he will soon will power as china's next president. >> everything on the closing day was perfectly choreographed to give the impression of harmony, including the voting and the applause. there was not much to argue about anyway. most of the key personnel changes had been cleared in advance of the congress. the vice president was elected to the central committee. he takes over as party chief. in march, he will succeed hu jintao as party president. >> we should free up our minds and implement reform policies. we must pool our strengths, overcome difficulties, and move forward all along the path of chinese-style socialism. >> the vice premier also
aspect here, something to go out and enjoy. now, over towards the america, though, some clear weather is on tap here on your thursday going through your friday, as well. high pressure dominating much of the region. just off the west coast, a low-pressure area pushing onshore. around san francisco, if you have flights going in and out of this area, rain showers accompanied by fog creating hazardous flying conditions so check your flights ahead of time. in sierra nevada, snowfall accompanying this system. the rest of the united states and off towards canada, high pressure is dominating. temperatures remaining cool. chicago's the high temp, winnipeg at minus 8, but these temperatures are expected to rebound back up for your weekend. towards europe, a low-pressure area spinning off the coast of portugal. that's going to move towards the east bringing rain showers with it, even gusty winds at times, particularly this one in the middle of the mediterranean. this is bringing some heavy rain showers across southern portions of italy, thunderstorms accompanied with that and flashflooding, and
to be getting much chillier than that, highs only around 10 degrees. over towards the americas, high pressure is dominating. what that means, big capping dome here of clear skies is on tap. some cool temperatures, but it's going to be fairly nic here going through your weekend. across the west coast, though, not so much the case. we have a few pacific storm systems pushing onshore here bringing with it some heavy rainfall, reducing visibilities out across the areas. if you're flying out of vancouver, seattle, even san francisco, check your flights out ahead of time. they could be delayed or canceled. then farther inland, skiers are going to be happy. some heavy snow will be falling across british columbia, california, but if you're driving across this area, denver, do slow down. some of the white stuff will be coming out of the skies across much of these areas. temperatures, winnipeg, a high of zero towards the north, chicago at 10. if we look at the east coast, a pair of 11s in new york and washington, d.c. and then into europe, also continuing to watch a storm system push onshore across por
coast in america. >> light 35%-40% less business. "they have accused bp of acting with negligence which is why the u.s. departments of justice have made it clear more trials may follow. >> today's resolution does not -- it does not -- marked the end of our efforts. the criminal investigation remains on going. >> on top of criminal cases, but civil lawsuits and other claims. under the clean water act, bp could be fined up to 16 billion euro which would harm their finances even further. bp stock prices never fully recovered after the disaster. today, shares are about one- third less than their value before this bill. >> is bp remained at these levels, it becomes a takeover target or a breakup story. either the stock will move up organic we are it will be taken out by a company that is competitive. >> the next big risk is not as losing money but it could determine the very future of bp. >> another company in the firing line is a blow for the image of one of the world's largest furniture brands, the swedish giant ikea. political prisoners in communist east germany were forced to make some o
into the americas then. the northwestern part is going to be the stormiest in throughout the thanksgiving week. we're seeing a low pressure system moving into the west coast bringing hefty showers on the coast from british columbia down towards northern california. the heaviest rain is going to be found in oregon with up to 160 millimeters likely into the next 24 hours. as you can see, the lines are very close to each other. meaning very fierce winds are blowing and as the system moves inland, snow is going to be another problem. we have blizzard warnings posted in western monday. snow of up to 50 centimeters plus. that could cause some very dangerous driving conditions and also poor visibility. so remaining quite nasty in the northwest into your wednesday at least. light showers for the great lakes region. for the rest of the continent, dry and relatively warm. and remaining quite nice conditions. nice conditions will be ongoing story throughout the week. temperatures are looking like this. 22 degrees in oklahoma city. 18 in denver. 22 in los angeles. despite the rainy weather, very seasonal in v
world's michihiko suzuki reports. >> where are you from? >> america. california. >> the uk. london. >> i'm from canada. >> these volunteers have come from all over the world. they want to help tohoku. this ngo is making it possible. the group is called it's not just mud. today they are digging dirt. they have been asked by local people to make a memorial flower bed. the group is founded by jamie albanana. who was working as an english teacher in osaka and he quit his job and moved to ishinomaki. about 3,000 people in the city died there in the disaster. >> when i wanted to come, i couldn't find the information. for foreigners. i was with a lot of foreigners and none of them could speak japanese at all. so i was always translating for them, and speak to the homeowners or something, what do you want. i realized this is something i can do to kind of help foreigners. >> albana arrived soon after the disaster, but he found it hard to get information about what he could do to help the survivors. local governments were unprepared for volunteers who weren't japanese. he began talking directly wi
of brazil in latin america, but it is dysfunctional. it does not have a single government. it is not working properly. there are significant interests in there. there are plenty of raw materials. this is one of the richest parts of africa, and africa is rich in raw materials. >> with so much at stake, it is perhaps no surprise that more and more congolese soldiers are deserting to join the rebellion. >> for decades now, many germans have been happy to park their cash in switzerland. their southern neighbors are pretty discreet when it comes to money matters. >> that is right. when the steady trickle of cash became a torrent following the 2008 crisis, the german government decided to clamp down and at the same time fill its and the state coffers, but its treaty on tax evasion with the swiss has led to trouble. >> the deal was done and dusted with switzerland, but the german opposition has found a way to undo it. >> the government desperately wants this treaty, but the opposition was having none of it. >> we cannot have a situation where people who avoided taxes by hiding money overseas are le
, remember, on tuesday, 16 in beijiaeijing and seoul. quite quiet in the americas. we are watching the east for stormy activity moving in towards the mid-atlantic region. now, the worse of the storms is going to be around here, around texas into louisiana. you could see some large hail causing a problem. five center diameter hail can really cause quite a problem as i'm sure many of you know. this rain is going to be heading up towards the northeast, and i say rain, but once it hits those cooler temperatures, we will see some snow even coming into you in new york city. take a look at these temperatures and you'll find out why. we've got 8 in new york on monday, but tuesday your high's going to be 4 degrees as it is in toronto today, just at the freezing point in chicago on your monday, as well, minus 12 in winnipeg for the high, the lows around minus 29. so bundle up up is probably a bit of an understatement. in the south, temperatures still in the mid to upper 20s. all right. we head into europe. another day of rain for the british isles. you could see as much as 50 to 70 millimeters additi
for the victims has been scheduled for the coming weekend. >> when we come back after the break, will america charged off the fiscal cliff? >> welcome back. >> greece has been thrown another lifeline, as we heard earlier. but the eurozone crisis is continuing to cause economic contraction. revenue figures show that europe pose a growing debt levels are said to present more threats in the years to come, even to vibrant economies, like germany's. >> germany's labor market has weathered the euro debt crisis relatively well across all sectors, but a new report by the organization for economic cooperation and development says the unemployment rate in the country will rise slightly next year by 0.2%. and that is not all. the oecd says germany's gdp will grow by just 0.6% in 2013, which is much less than economists were predicting a few months ago, but it is more than france can hope for. and the crisis-hit countries are expected to fare even worse -- spain's gdp is expected to shrink by 1.4%. portugal's by 1.8%. greece's by a massive 4.5%. the report predicts the gdp of the eurozone as a whole will
in ulan bator. here in tokyo we're expecting 15. okay. let's head on into the americas. and towards the west, is where we want to go. there is a major storm starting to impact the pacific coast. now from b.c. down through california, you're going to be dealing with strong winds, gusting up to about 90 kilometers an hour. and just ongoing heavy rain. the storm to the south is going to stay offshore and sends in front after front for the next several days. hardest-hit is going to be northern california. you can see where this red is popping up. you're expecting more than 200 millimeters. i think by sunday, when all is said and done, about 250 millimeters is likely. so flooding is certainly going to be very high concern here. heading on into europe, things are clearing out towards the west, which is certainly good news. but i want to show you just what that persistent rain was doing, the effect it had. this is wales, and a town towards the north, this is the scene on tuesday. 500 homes had to be evacuated when the river burst its banks, reached record levels, causing many residents, in
. let's take a look at the americas because also a storm system moving onshore into the pacific northwest. this is bringing some very gusty winds. actually up to about 100 kilometers per hour right near the shorelines here. you see all these lines very close together. that's also streaming heavy moisture onshore. about over the next several days 250 millimeters of rain falling here in northern california. flooding is already occurring, and as this moisture continues to come in, looks like that is going to be continuing to pick up. so very dangerous situation here. but also very messy picture across much of the region and some of the mountain passes here into the rockies, you could be seeing up to a 157 centimeters of snowfall accumulating here over the next three days. so great for skiers. if you do that, you're going to be very happy with the snowfall. but if you're planning on travlg through here, messy picture across much of the pacific northwest. let's take a look at europe now. we also have a messy picture here. we have a storm lingering over italy here. this has been bring
at 1. ulan bator, know, minus 12 throughout your week. let's change our attention here to the americas, because moisture in flow across northern california, plus these high winds creating a very messy situation. these high winds could be knocking down tree branches, knocking out power to many residents across this area, but not just that. the flashflooding potential. all this moisture pushing onshore is going to be bringing about 200 to 300 millimeters throughout the weekend. so from there in northern california you're going to be seeing that very high risk. that is a very heigl vags in the rockies, snowfall up to about 30, even 60 cent meters of snow in some of these higher areas. if you have plans on traveling across the area, any flights, do they can in on them ahead of time because this is going to be messy and potentially dangerous. talking about the snow, look at spain. cold air spilling across the north. in spain, that cold air mixed with a little bit of precipitation is ending up looking like this. i want to show you a video actually coming out of this area where the snowfall h
. he said romney wants to work to strengthen ties with japan. >> i think he sees japan as america's crucial ally in asia and a central point of our web of relationships with countries in east asia. >> friedberg said the two countries need to cooperate more closely to respond to china's military buildup. >>> the asem meets in laos. the two-day meeting attended by the leaders of 49 countries. the discussions will focus on including three new members. the discussions will focus on regional security and ways to stop the european debt crisis from spreading. the laosian government built a new facility to host the meeting. with about $70 million in aid it received from china. many leaders, including japanese prime minister yoshihiko noda. noda is expected to stress the need to peacefully resolve territorial maritime disputes in line with international law. relations are eroding between japan and china over the senkako islands issue. japan nationalized the islands that china and japan also claim. >>> japan currently has only one operating nuclear plant. the country's nuclear regulatory bo
in north america next month. an estimates 1.5 million tons of wreckage is floating towards the united states and canada. scientist at kyoto university are analyzing the debris movements. they say 33,000 tons of material may wash ashore in north america by june. they say fishing boats, bowuoys and other items could be in in the philippines by february. they have given the prediction to officials in the united states and canada. >>> cleaning up contamination from the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant is a bigger task than anyone expected. the firm that owns the plant laid out the new plan to get on top of the job. tokyo electric power company's president visited the environment minister. he described his plan to increase the number of decontamination workers threefold to 300. >> translator: we want to get advice from ministry officials, then dispatch experts on civil engineering and radioactivity. we want to do a good job. >> the minister says he wants workers to be more pro active so they can make the region safe as soon as possible. >>> coming up, our three-day world weather forec
with japan. >> i think he sees japan as america's crucial ally in asia and the central point of our web of relationships with countries in east asia. >> friedberg said the two countries need to cooperate more closely to respond to china's military build up. >>> the communist party of china has come up with a proposal to amend its charter ahead of the party congress that opens on thursday. the gathering is held every five years. china's state-run xinhua news agency says the four-day session of the party ended sunday after approving the amendment. no details are available but observers say the concept of scientific development which is advocated by communist party leader hu jintao is incorporated into the amendment. the scientific development concept a chiefing. the action plan is the most important element of the party's constitution. it includes important doctrines of mao zedong and john quick equal to these predecessors in its bid to retain political influences after china launches a new leadership under zee ju bing. the vicinity of the venue and central parts of the city are under hea
resolve all the big issues if they remember the wishes of young people. she also said america's relationship with japan is a corner stone of security in the asia-pacific region. she will plant dogwood trees in tokyo as a show of relationship. health officials in uganda with dealing with an outbreak of e bow la. doctors are helping them try to help stop the virus from spend pg. >> ebola has broken out in the country. >> ugandan officials say the disease killed three people in late october and november. they say the victims lived in a town near the capital. ebola symptoms include a high fever and bleeding all over the body. there's no known cure. 50 to 90% of people who contract the virus die. officials with the world health organization say 329 people were affected and more than half died. >>> a japanese researcher is helped to build a stronger heart. they used induced stem cells one that could develop into any type of blood tissue. scientists had considered glucose to be necessary in cultivating heart muscle. a team challenged that notion. they removed all glucose from their c
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